What is SmartPay?

SmartPay is our Online Revenue Management Solution.  It’s the easiest way to allow patrons to make secure fine/fee payments and anyone to make donations from your library website.  Make it easier for your patrons to make payments from your website by accepting credit cards online.  By using SmartPay, you’ll increase collections and reduce wait times at your staff desk.

  • Links with your ILS or database
  • Automatically clears fine/fee payments
  • Add money to SAM Account (SAM Customers)
  • Accept donations from anyone

SmartPay Login - Temecula Public Library

Benefits of SmartPay

Online fine payments benefit library staff and management by:

  • Reducing circulation desk or payment desk traffic
  • Increase collections
  • Alleviating staff pressures

Patron self-service allows staff members to:

  • Provide additional services and assist patrons
  • Provide self-service fine payments
  • Limit cash handling by circulation staff

SmartPay easily allows your organization to accept donations from patrons and visitors.

How do I make a fine/fee payment?

Patrons authenticate using their organization ID, library card, etc.  Fines and fees are displayed along with any other associated information from the ILS or other database vendor.  Full or partial payments can be made depending on the capabilities of your database.  Secure payment authentication is achieved through the SmartPay Gateway.  After the payment is authorized the fine/fee is automatically cleared from the database.

Add Money to SAM Account

SAM patrons can add money to their account through your website with SmartPay.  Patrons can use the money to pay for Fines, Print, and Copies.

Can Anyone Make donations?

Yes!  You don’t need to log in to SmartPay to make donations.  Anyone can click on the Make A Donation button on the SmartPay Home Screen:

  • Specify donation purpose
  • Memorials
  • One-time/Recurring
  • Email receipt
  • Print receipt

Audit-Quality Reports

All Comprise Revenue Management products give your financial manager access to:

  • Who: Library Card Number, Donor Name, Other Form of ID
  • What: Type of Payment Made; ie. Fine, Account, etc.
  • When: Date of Payment
  • Where: Location, ie. SmartPay Online
  • How: Credit Card