Revenue Management Enables Secure Payments at Every Point of Entry

An e-commerce, point of sale, self-service, or access management solution from Comprise is an investment in a flexible, expandable, Smart web-based architecture.  Comprise solutions can be leveraged from a single SmartServer linked with your library’s ILS or organization’s database.  All Comprise solutions communicate with leading database products, Microsoft SQL, and integrate seamlessly with each other offering unparalleled flexibility.

  • SmartPay: Online payments of fines &  fees at your website; you can also allow for donations.
  • Smart Terminal: Allow patrons to make payments at your self-checkout or copy center with credit cards.
  • Smart Money Manager: Point-of-Sale software enabled on your staff desk PC’s.
  • Smart Kiosk: Free up staff with our patron self-service kiosk in your library.
  • Smart Alec: Enables printing from wireless devices.
  • SAM: Time, internet, and print management.
  • Comprise is dedicated to bringing you the information you need when you need it.  Our real-time reports pay for themselves almost immediately, whether you need information for funding or you’re in the process of being audited.  All of our solutions integrate with your database and each other so that information is timely and accurate.